Rastas Electronics
147A Princes Highway, Tailem Bend.  S.A.  5260.
Phone 0418 821-369, Fax 08 8572-4095 or email rastas@rastaselectronics.com.au

Field Policys and Charges.

All prices listed below have the GST included.  Consession Cards accepted (but not for the initial Field Fee).

Field and OH&S Policys.
An Adult must be present during the Field Call at all times.  The Field Fee must be paid up front.  It is the Field Policy that all repairs which will be over $160.00 will be automatically quoted before the repair proceeds.  All those under $160.00 will be fixed automatically.

Field Service Range.
My normal field service range is 100km radius from Tailem Bend.

Fees and charges.
The Field Fee is $82.50 which covers the first 30 minutes (1/2 hour).  The carry over time is $82.50 per hour in 6 minute blocks of $8.25 per block.  There is also a Surcharge Fee for any repair outside a 60 kilometer radius from Tailem Bend, look at the list below to determine the Surcharge Fee applicable to your locations distance from Tailem Bend.

      Surcharge Fees
      60 to 100 kms $27.50.
      101 to 130 kms $55.00.
      131 to 150 kms $82.50.
      151 to 160 kms $110.00.
      Over 160 kms $137.50 plus $27.50 every 10 Kms thereafter.

If you decide to get the unit repaired.
Then the Field Fee (plus the Surcharge Fee if applicable) is deducted from the total repair bill and you just pay the residual when the unit is repaired.  If I have to make followup call(s) because I had to order parts or get technical information from the manufacturers, I will always ring to make an appiontment before coming out.

If you decide to get the unit repaired and there are parts envolved, normally I'll just order the parts and then fix the unit.  The exception being Panels for Flat Screen Colour Televisions.  If the Panel is damaged and needs to be replaced, the Panel itself must be paid for before it is ordered.

If you decide not to get the unit repaired.
Then the Field Fee (plus the Surcharge Fee if applicable) is all that is paid regardless of the time spent onsite.

Insurance Quote.
The Field Fee (plus the Surcharge Fee if applicable) will cover the Insurance Quote Fee.

Field Call Hours.
Unless by very specific prior arrangements the Field Hours are.
Monday to Friday.                          8.30AM to 5.30PM.
Saturday.                                         8.30AM to 12.00PM.
Sunday and all Public Holidays.    Closed.
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