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Sharp Warranty or Approved Repairs.

If your unit is under it's original warranty, you'll have to contact Sharp and they'll create a Service Number.  Then they'll email your details to me and I'll contact you and arrange a Service Call (if In-Home is allowed) or for you to bring in the unit.  If no reciept is provided I have to treat the repair as COD and bill you, as Sharp won't pay me for the repair.

Autherised to Repair
As an Autherised Service Centre I can repair the following Under Warranty Products.  All products marked "In-Home" can either be done in your home or in my workshop, so if you rather bring the unit into the workshop that is fine.  Products marked "Workshop Only" are just that, Sharp won't pay for "In-Home" service on that product.

ProductAllowed ServiceComment
BluRay - Player Only Workshop Only
BluRay - Surround In-Home
DVD - Player Only Workshop Only
Home Theatre In-Home
Microwave Workshop Only
Microwave - Convection Workshop Only
Ovens - Plug in Only In-Home
PC - Data Projector Workshop Only
PC - Monitor Workshop Only
Refridgeration - Non Gas Fault In-Home
Sound Bar In-Home
Stereo Sound System Workshop Only
Television, all Types. In-Home
Video - Cassette Workshop Only
Video - PVR Workshop Only
ProductAllowed ServiceComment

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